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So many titles for the person behind the camera...

Traditionally, the term "cinematographer" has been used to describe the individual responsible for the camera, lights, technical decisions and artistic vibe of each scene in a motion picture film production. The term is used interchangeably with "Director of Photography" or DP.

The cinematographer is sometimes also called the "camera operator," though many will argue that a "camera operator" is not necessarily expected to be well-versed in lighting or other aspects of production.

The term "videographer" originally described a camera operator who set up and operated a portable (ENG) video camera package, complete with lights and microphones, typically on "small scale" productions.

The advent of "digital cinematography" (using sophisticated digital and/or video based camera systems for high-scale productions, including feature films) has further distorted the distinction of titles.

Furthermore, it has become customary for people to talk about "filming" with a video camera, though no actual "film" is involved. Similarly, the term "videotaping" is still used on occasion, though these days, tapes are rarely seen in the wild. Others prefer the term "shooter," though no projectiles are present.


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